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Tips, Hacks and Reviews for Ultimate Frisbee beginners. I break down the knowledge out there into steps that are easy to implement. You will get better, fast!

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I write about my Ultimate Frisbee journey and the things I learned. As a beginner myself, I know exactly what problems you have.

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You are thinking about buying your first disc or other frisbee gear? Here I review my buys. You learn what really makes a difference for amateur players.

My recent Blogposts

  • Best Exercises for Ultimate Frisbee Beginners
    Ultimate frisbee is as much a physical game as it is fun. As such, more and more persons are gaining interest in the game, but it raises the worry of where to begin when it concerns exercising for ultimate. In this article, we focus on the beginner. We would be exploring some essential exercises to get you started as an Ultimate Frisbee Beginner. Now, the focus of these Ultimate exercises is to get you in shape for the sport by helping your body become more adapted to the process and better balance its use of oxygen. As such, subjecting yourContinue reading “Best Exercises for Ultimate Frisbee Beginners”
  • How To Master Ultimate Frisbee And Destroy Opponents
    When you start playing Ultimate Frisbee, you want to get better, quick. These tips will do exactly that. You will learn most important throws, tactics and hacks.
  • Ultimate Frisbee Tactics for Beginners
    When you start playing Ultimate Frisbee the focus is more on learning the throws and how to mark your opponent. As soon as you get better at these skills you ask yourself what else can you improve. Then its time for some tactics. In this article we will cover one easy tactic for the offense and one for the defense. I got into tactics when we played a game in our practice. The opponent team used one of the mentioned tactics. Oh boy… we lost. I was just running after my opponents but there was always one completely open. ItContinue reading “Ultimate Frisbee Tactics for Beginners”

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My name is Chris and started playing Ultimate Frisbee in September 2021. I am new to the sport and have to learn everything from zero. I break down what tips and techniques are working for me and add my experiences to it.

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