Why Ultimate Frisbee is the best sport in the world!

I really fell in love with the sport! I basically started one month ago in September 2021. And I only heard about Ultimate Frisbee once before. It was from MKBHD or Marques Brownlee, he is the only famous guy I know who’s playing Ultimate Frisbee.

I watched a few videos of him playing Ultimate and it looked very cool. When they throw the Frisbee and they catch it high up in the air. And there’s something relaxing to it. How a Frisbee flies across long distances. It’s floating in the air like basically an UFO. So, so relaxing. Some sort of meditation. Maybe there is something wrong with me.

Ultimate Frisbee is the best sport:

  • Beginner friendly
  • You see improvements very quickly
  • No referees
  • You just need a Disc
  • Looks very very cool

Why did I start playing Ultimate?

Then I heard about Ultimate Frisbee recently again. I’m here in Sweden for an exchange semester, and at the university, they had tryout weeks for the university sports. And Ultimate Frisbee was one of them and then I went to the first practice.

I’ve thrown a Disc before, yes. But not really good, only backhand basically. Yeah, and then they showed us a bit how to throw a better backhand. Then how to have a better grip on the Disc. After that we just played Ultimate Frisbee.

If you compare that to volleyball for example, to get a really good game, you need at least two weeks or something. So that everybody can hit the ball right and the ball stays up in the air. But with Ultimate Frisbee it’s just way easier to start. They tell you the rules, how it’s going to work, and you play.

You should try it out!

Throwing the Frisbee, everyone can basically do it. Some better, some not so good, but it doesn’t matter because, the long throws in the beginning, won’t go anywhere. It’s about the short throws and they are easy.

I always tell new people to try it out. You can immediately play the game and have fun. And you see improvements really really quickly. I got really interested in it, and now I’m already starting this blog. I watched almost every video out there on Ultimate Frisbee.

One week after I started playing, I bought my first frisbee, the Innova pulsar. We went out on the football field in front of our accommodation and just played catch.

What I did to get better at Ultimate Frisbee

Then you start learning different things. How to grip the Disc, how to throw a backhand and then you quickly try the forehand throw. If you nail that you’ll basically look like a pro At least you feel like one.

It’s just so nice to play, and you can either play just catch with your friends and then try a little bit here and there to get better. If you have always one or two things you try to focus on. You will get better, step by step.

Before every every training (we train on Thursdays and Sundays). I watch some technique videos, then I try it there. Because it makes a huge difference if you just play catch or play a real game. You have to hurry up in the game situation and feel the pressure.

You only need a Disc

Another advantage it, you don’t need a lot of gear. Basically you need shoes (we are playing inside right now) and that’s it. Ultimate Frisbee is a really nice sport everyone can play.

You have no referees so it is, very relaxed, no aggression. You just discuss if it was a foul or not. There are no difficult rules. And you don’t need complex tactics to get starting.

So no difficult tactics, easy to play, loads of respect for each other and cheap gear.

I try to get other people to play the sport because it’s so nice and doesn’t get enough attention. Because soccer and football is everywhere. That shrinks the attention down.

Just tell your friends and start throwing a Frisbee, they’re not that expensive. Maybe start your own team in your town.

And a little tip, watch the highlight videos on YouTube, because they are amazing. How they throw the frisbee and catching it in the air. Just watch. A very good way to motivate your friends to play 😉 Send them a link and ask if they want to try it.

I tried every sports imaginable. Then started going to the gym for a long time. Now I found Ultimate Frisbee and I can’t get enough of it. Already have two Discs at home. And I annoy everyone to come and play with me.

Try it out and you will love it!

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