Hey there! Amazing that you made it to the About Me site.

Great that you want to know more about me.

I am a dude who just loves Ultimate Frisbee

My own quote (Hope nobody said it before)

My name is Chris. I’m currently 22 years old, and I’m an automotive engineer. Almost done with my studies, and right now I’m doing an exchange semester in Sweden.

Here I started playing Ultimate Frisbee. So I’m a beginner myself, but I break down the advice from the pros out there, so everyone can understand it. Because I found many videos with a lot advice.

Sometimes I couldn’t implement it. I tell you my hiccups I had and tune it a bit, so everyone can understand and implement it. And when I find out about a new tip or technique, I will update my posts to give you the best advice.

My goal is to improve this site with my growing expertise. Then you can basically see my history with what I learned what I did what I did wrong. Then there will be tips for players on different levels.

That’s why I started reviewing gear, for example Frisbees. Then you will find out quickly if it makes a real difference even for beginners or if you just feel a slight improvement when you are on a pro level. Therefore you don’t buy stupid stuff.

Now back to my introduction: I love sports. I’ve been a gym dude all my life (not that old yet I know) but in the beginning, I tried basically every sports out there.

I played football (soccer), table tennis, tennis, swimming, riding (horse), handball and basketball. Then I stopped everything completely and since then went to the gym.

But now, since September 2021, I’m back to team sports with Ultimate Frisbee. Still doing my gym stuff. During Lockdown in January 2021 I bought a fitness watch or smartwatch. That’s why you’ll see some data of my Frisbee practices.

I started running when I got my fitness watch, but I’m not very good at it because I’m fairly heavy and I only focused on strength the recent years. Now my goal is to get fit in every way. Go running or play sports but still lift weights in the gym.

Now I covered some parts of my story. Now you can follow my Ultimate Frisbee Blog or read my gear reviews. Maybe in the beginning, you’ll find many pages that are not available yet because I have to write them.

I have many ideas what I want to write. I basically built the site, and now I fill it with content. Have fun and if you want, shoot me an email and tell me more about you!

It always motivates me to know my audience and for whom I’m writing the content for.

Thanks in advance for your email! I will reply everyone!