Ultimate Frisbee Tactics for Beginners

When you start playing Ultimate Frisbee the focus is more on learning the throws and how to mark your opponent. As soon as you get better at these skills you ask yourself what else can you improve. Then its time for some tactics. In this article we will cover one easy tactic for the offenseContinue reading “Ultimate Frisbee Tactics for Beginners”

The Past, Present and the Future Of Ultimate Frisbee

The game of Frisbee is beyond a lazy game of catch at the beach. We call it Ultimate now. A serious sport with Olympic potential. Today, Ultimate is played by athletes tall and lean, whose skills mimic those of soccer players, wide receivers and they can jump as well. “More than 10,000 college students currentlyContinue reading “The Past, Present and the Future Of Ultimate Frisbee”

How I Track Ultimate Frisbee With My Fitness Watch

Welcome to my next blog post. We will talk about how I track my Ultimate Frisbee exercises and games with my fitness watch. I am a sport loving person. And I do all kinds of different sports. For example, running, going to the gym, biking, swimming and now I added the team sport Ultimate FrisbeeContinue reading “How I Track Ultimate Frisbee With My Fitness Watch”

How to throw a backhand like a pro!

An easy guide to throw a backhand in Ultimate Frisbee. You will learn how to use the right grip, make it stable and throw far. These are tips that helped me to improve my backhand. I will update this post every time I find a new trick. How to throw a backhand? Use the rightContinue reading “How to throw a backhand like a pro!”

The best Ultimate Frisbee player (USA)

The American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) recently announced their most valuable player of the 2021 season. They vote every season for one player of their league to become the MVP. The best player 2021 Ben Jagt #4 Ben Jagt is the best Ultimate Frisbee player in the AUDL 2021. Team: New York Empire Position: HybridContinue reading “The best Ultimate Frisbee player (USA)”