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Get better at Ultimate together with me. I write about my own Ultimate Frisbee journey. Content from a beginner for beginners. Get hands-on tips and hacks about our favourite sport.

About the blog

I started this blog to document my journey. I am by far no Ultimate Pro and therefore have the same struggles as you. My passion for the sport doesn’t let me sleep. I try to get better every day.

The knowledge I gain, the failures I have and the advice I get is written down in this blog. No complicated tips because no beginner can apply these.

Alway feel free to comment and give advice!

New Posts

Best Exercises for Ultimate Frisbee Beginners

Ultimate frisbee is as much a physical game as it is fun. As such, more and more persons are gaining interest in the game, but it raises the worry of where to begin when it concerns exercising for ultimate. In this article, we focus on the beginner. We would be exploring some essential exercises to…

Ultimate Frisbee Tactics for Beginners

When you start playing Ultimate Frisbee the focus is more on learning the throws and how to mark your opponent. As soon as you get better at these skills you ask yourself what else can you improve. Then its time for some tactics. In this article we will cover one easy tactic for the offense…

The Past, Present and the Future Of Ultimate Frisbee

The game of Frisbee is beyond a lazy game of catch at the beach. We call it Ultimate now. A serious sport with Olympic potential. Today, Ultimate is played by athletes tall and lean, whose skills mimic those of soccer players, wide receivers and they can jump as well. “More than 10,000 college students currently…


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